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    3. 鹽城大洋化工有限公司

      Yancheng Dayang Chemical Co., Ltd.

      Mainly produce and operate

      Chemical intermediates and pesticide products



      Chemical intermediates

      Pesticide products



      Cyromazine 98%

      Product Name Cyromazine 98%
      CAS NO. 66215-27-8
      Molecular formula C6H10N6
      Molecular weight 166.18
      Structural formula
      Physical and chemical properties White or light yellow solid, melting point: 219-223℃, vapor pressure>0.13mPa(20℃), specific gravity at 20℃ is 1.35g/cm3. Solubility (20℃): water 11000mg/L (PH7.5), slightly soluble in methanol and ethanol. It is stable below 310℃, and the hydrolysis is not obvious at PH5-9
      Use 1. Through strong internal conduction, the larvae are deformed in morphology, and the adult emergence is incomplete or inhibited, thereby preventing the larvae from developing normally to the pupae and achieving the purpose of killing insects.
      2. All threats to intensive animal farms can be controlled
      3. It is suitable for a variety of fruits, vegetables, and has a good insecticidal effect on "fly" pests, especially for Liriomyza.
      Package 25kg/woven bag
      FORMULATION 20%WP, 75%WP

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