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    3. 鹽城大洋化工有限公司

      Yancheng Dayang Chemical Co., Ltd.

      Mainly produce and operate

      Chemical intermediates and pesticide products



      Chemical intermediates

      Pesticide products



      Diflufenican 98%

      Product Name Diflufenican 98%
      Molecular formula C19H11F5N2O2
      Molecular weight 394.294856
      CAS No. 1185009-29-3
      Structural formula
      Scope of application The drug belongs to the FORMULATION of carotenoid biosynthesis inhibition. It leads to the destruction of chlorophyll, cell rupture, and plant death. It is a broad-spectrum selective herbicide for wheat fields. The residual effect period in the soil is longer. Scope of application: Suitable for barley and wheat fields to prevent and eliminate pigs, Polygonum vulgaris, Portulaca, Solanum, Chrysanthemum, vetch, Field bindweed, Mustela petals, Sorrel leaf Polygonum, Polygonum candidum, Pseudomonas Various broad-leaved weeds, such as Amaranthus, Commelina, Elsholtzia, Blue vegetables, Vicia, Artemisia sowing and Involvulus vulgaris.
      Package 25KG/DRUM
      FORMULATION 50% WP, 30%, 41% SC and 50% WDG

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