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    3. 鹽城大洋化工有限公司

      Yancheng Dayang Chemical Co., Ltd.

      Mainly produce and operate

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      Chemical intermediates

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      Triadimefon 97% 95%

      Product Name Triadimefon 97% 95%
      CAS No. 43121-43-3
      Molecular formula C14H16ClN3O2
      Molecular weight 293.7
      Structural formula
      Physical and chemical properties Triadimefon is a colorless solid with a melting point of 82-83°C and a special aroma. The vapor pressure is 0.02mPa (20°C). This picture shows the molecular structure of triadimefon at 0.06mPa (25°C) and a density of 1.22 (20°C). , KowlogP=3.11, solubility water 64mg/L (20℃), moderately soluble in many organic solvents, except for aliphatic hydrocarbons, dichloromethane, toluene>200, isopropanol 50-100, hexane 5-10g/ L (20°C), stable under acidic or alkaline (pH 1-13) conditions. The half-life of pH 3, 6, 9 (22°C) exceeds 1 year.
      Use Triadimefon is a triazole fungicide with high efficiency, low toxicity, low residue, long lasting period and strong systemicity. It has specific effects on rust, powdery mildew and smut, and has a good control effect on corn, sorghum and other smut and corn round spot. It can be mixed with many fungicides, insecticides, herbicides and so on.
      Package 25KG/kraft paper bag
      Dosage form 5%, 15%, 25% WP, 25%, 20%, 10% EC, 25% colloidal SC

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