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    3. 鹽城大洋化工有限公司

      Yancheng Dayang Chemical Co., Ltd.

      Mainly produce and operate

      Chemical intermediates and pesticide products



      Chemical intermediates

      Pesticide products



      Dinotefuran 96%

      Product Name Dinotefuran 96%
      Molecular formula C7H14N4O3
      CAS No. 165252-70-0
      Molecular weight 202.2111
      Melting point 107.5ºC
      Structural formula
      Physical and chemical properties Toxicity: Dinotefuran is very safe to mammals. Its acute oral LD50 is 2450mg/kg for male rats and 2275 mg/kg for female rats; 2840mg/kg for male mice and 2000mg/kg for female mice. Acute transdermal LD50 for rats>2000mg/kg (female, male). No teratogenic, carcinogenic and mutagenic. Dinotefuran is also very safe to aquatic organisms. The fish poison test showed that dinotefuran was >1000mg/L for carp nm (48 h) and >1000mg/L for daphnia. Similarly, dinotefuran is also very toxic to birds, and the acute oral LD50 to quail is> 1000mg/kg. According to the test on bees, dinotefuran is safe for bees and does not affect the honey bee collection.
      The agent has the characteristics of contact killing, stomach poisoning, strong root absorption, high quick-acting, long lasting period of 3-4 weeks (theoretical lasting effect is 43 days), broad insecticidal spectrum, etc., and it is excellent for piercing and sucking pests. Control effect, and shows high insecticidal activity at a very low dose. It is mainly used to control aphids, leafhoppers, planthoppers, thrips, whiteflies and their resistant strains on wheat, rice, cotton, vegetables, fruit trees, tobacco and other crops. Pteran, Diptera, Beetle and Total Pteran pests are highly effective, and are highly effective against sanitary pests such as cockroaches, termites, and house flies.
      Use Dinotefuran has a broad insecticidal spectrum, mainly playing a role in killing aphids, planthoppers, whiteflies, thrips and other pests. It is widely used in crops such as wheat, rice, cotton, and vegetables. Humans, animals and the environment are very safe
      Package 25kg cardboard drum

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